Membership in the IFCHC enables individual Community Health Centres to participate in a global network of community-oriented primary health care organizations, learning from each other and working collectively to advance common goals of improving health for individuals, families and communities as a whole.

All organizations throughout the world that satisfy the IFCHC definition of “Community Health Centre” are eligible for membership in the IFCHC. Section 4.2 of the IFCHC Constitution outlines the membership process for individual CHCs.

It notes that membership of individual CHC organizations in the IFCHC is granted automatically to CHCs that are members of national, state/provincial or municipal CHC associations that have been certified by the IFCHC. In cases where no national, state/provincial or municipal CHC associations exists, individual Community Health Centres are eligible for membership by applying directly to the IFCHC Secretariat. If your Community Health Centre or CHC association has questions about IFCHC membership please contact:

IFCHC Secretariat
340 College Street – Suite 500
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
M6H 3P2
Attn: Mr. Scott Wolfe – Acting Coordinator, IFCHC Secretariat  |  +1 416-922-5694   |  Twitter: @ScottAWolfe